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Musical Theatre Course


How can my children join CMT?

You can choose to apply by the following ways:

  1. Complete the application form (in hardcopy or online), and send back with cheque for application fee ($60). 
  2. Visit our headquarter in Tin Hau, fill in the form and pay the application fee by cheque or cash. Notice for joining the next audition will be given.

The application fee is non-refundable.

If the student absent or does not pass the audition, participants are required to resubmit their application and application fee for the new audition.


Which class is the suitable for my children?

CMT provides musical training courses according to the special need of children in different ages:

  1. Starkids Baby (Group D): For aged 2.5-3
  2. Pre-Starkids (Group P): For aged 3-4
  3. Starkids I (Group C): For aged 4-6
  4. Starkids II (Group B): For aged 7-9
  5. Starkids III (Group A): For aged 10-15


Where can I choose to attend the class?

Tin Hau Headquarters:

Room 1103, Park Commercial Centre, 180 Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay, HK (Exit A1 of MTR Tin Hau Station)

Kowloon Teaching Centres:

Prince Edward: 5/F, Le Prabelle Hotel, 372 Portland Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong (3-minutes walk from Exit C1 of MTR Prince Edward Station)

The Good Lab: 1/F, The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, Cheung Sha Wan (Exit B of MTR Cheung Sha Wan Station)


What is the procedure after applying the course?

For CMT regular musical courses, applicants must join and pass the audition to be held before the course commencement. CMT will hold audition every quarter (generally in late March, June, September and December) for member recruitment.


How can I know the audition time after applying the course?

After receiving the application, we will inform applicants with details in 2 weeks before the audition date via email.


Why do CMT need audition?

We encourage applicants to understand and experience the learning environment before joining as CMT member. Our artistic tutors will observe applicants character, personality, discipline and willingness of collaboration in the group interaction, so as to help choosing the suitable class for children.


How is the audition going?

Applicants will be arranged by age to meet our artistic tutors in a group format. During the meeting, participants will join in self-introduction, singing, game involvement and a talent show*. (*Talent show is only required for applicants of Starkids III: For aged 10-15)


When will the audition result released?

  1. For Starkids Baby (aged 2.5-3): Result will be informed via email or by phone in one week.
  2. For Pre-Starkids (aged 3-4), Starkids I (aged 4-6), Starkids II (aged 7-9) and Starkids III (aged 10-15): Result will be informed on the day.


Other than the course fee, is there any other fee required?

  1. Every newly-joined student will pay a one-off registration fee at $440.
  2. CMT handbook fee at $20. (Members must bring along their handbook for every class attended)

Fee submitted will not be refunded under any circumstances.


What is the teaching format of CMT?

  1. All courses are in continuous teaching with a diverse of musical materials by the regular experienced theatre tutors.
  2. For all ages group, each quarter will consist with 10 lessons and run continuously every year.
  3. For the benefit of learning, members will be advised for class promotion with tutor assessment and age growing.


What is musical training course?

  1. Starkids Baby (Group D): Parent-Child lesson will be taught by experienced theatre tutors. Through a variety of singing and dancing activities, we aim at developing children's initiative, sense of rhythmic and physical coordination. It is the introductory musical course.
  2. Pre-Starkids (Group P): Preparatory course for Group C Starkids I. Through singing and dancing, role-playing and props making, we aim at delivering basic knowledge of musical to the children with various performing elements including drama, dancing and singing.
  3. Starkids I (Group C): As an elementary musical course, we will make use of classic musical materials to give practices and formulate small-scaled performance for children participation. Members will also learn to cooperate with others, so as to enhance their communication skills and confident.
  4. Starkids II (Group B): Intermediate musical course. By accumulating former learning experience, we aim at enhancing chidlren's performing skills and expressive mentality. Tutors will apply meaningful and inspiring drama pieces into the teaching process so as to help building positive values of life.
  5. Starkids III (Group A): Classes will be managed by two experienced tutors specializing on various theatre profession. We aim at developing the advance techniques of acting, vocalizing and dancing for the members. The course enables children to receive professional guidance on performing arts and enlightening development in the long term.


Is there special arrangement for courses during bad weather?

  1. If a Signal No. 3 or Red Rainstorm Warning is hoisted, the lesson will continue as usual. Parents may decide whether to attend the classes according to the actual situation.
  2. If a Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted or announcement is made by the Hong Kong Observatory that a Signal No. 8 or above is likely to be hoisted within the next two hours before the start of the lesson, the lesson will be cancelled and no refunds or make-up classes will be arranged.
  All classes Outside Activities or Rehearsals
Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal or Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.1
Red Rainstorm Warning Signal or Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.3
Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above

✔Lessons or activities will be held as normal
✘Lessons or activities will be cancelled

Lessons cancelled due to bad weather or influential diseases will not be arranged supplementary lessons or be refunded.


What is the exposure for CMT members?

  1. Members attending CMT regular courses for two or more quarters are eligible to be invited in the CMT annual performance.
  2. For Group C Starkids I members who have attended lessons for two or more quarters, will have the opportunity of public performances once or twice every year. Final cast and performance details is subject to the audition if any.
  3. For Group C Starkids I and Group A&B Starkids II&III, members will have other small-scale performance opportunity to enrich their learning experiences.


Is there any scholarship to apply?

CMT provides scholarship to students in need or with excellent performance. Including:

1. Ada Ying Kay Wong JP Scholarship

2. HKCMT Scholarship

CMT scholarship application will open every January. Applicants should send us the completed application form with supporting documents for further process (including documents of family income proof).

All application will be examined by the CMT management and the successful applicants will receive a letter of approval. Scholarship will be granted in April (from April to March of the next year). Students who receive scholarship must commit to continue their studies in the coming year with full attendance to lessons. If any false declaration or inaccurate information found in the application, CMT reserves the rights to suspend, withdraw or claim back partial or full scholarship at anytime concerned.