The Musical Theatre

Hong Kong Children’s Musical Theatre (CMT) is the first theatre in Hong Kong that aspires to empower children and teenagers to take centre stage at professional musical theatre productions. Since 1998, we have provided professional, continuing and multi-faceted musical theatre training and large-scale performance opportunities to children and teenagers aged from 2.5 to 17. We strive to inspire children’s growth with the stimulating nature of musical theatre art, to develop their innate potential, establish their uniqueness and nourish their holistic well-being.

Dedicated to the belief that children and teenagers possess their unique artistic appeal to influence the audience, CMT and its budding performers have been sharing the magic of children musical theatre with the community over the years, through a series of fully-staged productions including Träumerei:CMT X MYO 25th Anniversary Musical in Concert , PLAN d , Trove of Life, The Musical , The Musical: Under the Stars, We Dream , The Musical: Far Far Far Away , Mystery of Chinese Name, the Musical , Le Petit Prince , Engel der Hoffnung (Premiere & Re-run), Romeo & Juliet 2.0 , Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Jr. , Princess Luna, Jr. , A Big Melon’s Tour of Hong Kong collaborated with Zuni Icosahedron, etc.

CMT has been registered as a charitable institution under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance since 2006 and has been a venue partner of Tsuen Wan Town Hall from 2018 to 2022.