About the Course

CMT offers an all-round performing arts training programme with elements of acting, dancing and singing. The programme aims to boost confidence, creativity and presentation skills of children, while developing their team spirit and positive attitudes. Besides, students will learn the importance of equality, compassion, caring for our planet, etc. 

Application for Year 2021 CMT regular courses is now open for Children and teenagers between 2.5 – 17 years old. All aplicants need to attend and pass an audition conducted before being admittedare welcome to apply. Please complete the online application form, or mail the completed application form by post.


For enquiry, please call 2566 6677 or email to info@cmt.org.hk


*Applicants must reach the minimum age set for each selected course.

*The course is conducted mainly in Cantonese.

*Application Fee is $80. You can pay by cash, cheque by mail, or FPS, more details on https://bit.ly/3jvNO6N. 

Class Timetable

Starkids Baby

For age 2.5-4

Duration: 1 hour

The programme is taught by a professional theatrical instructor. It aims at fostering children's initiative, musicality and coordination of rhythmic movement.

(Children must be accompanied by a parent / guardian) 


For age 3-4

Duration: 1 hour

Through various activities such as music, stories, roleplaying and props production, Pre-Starkids course helps children to get prepared for the training of Starkids I, II and III.

Starkids I

For age 4-6

Duration: 1 hour

Using musical selections as foundation, Starkids I lets children achieve real stage performances and strengthen their abilities and confidence in communication.

Starkids II

For age 7-10

Duration: 1.5 hours

Starkids II is the advanced course of CMT regular musical theatre training. Through accumulating performing experience, members can take their performing and presentation skills to the next level. 

Starkids III

For age 11-17

Duration: 2 hours

Starkids III is taught by seasoned and professional instructors. It aims at enhancing members' skills in dramatic writing, acting, singing and dancing; nurturing members' creativity; allowing them to express ideas and establish a positive self-image.