"Under the Stars, We Dream" the Musical (25 Aug 3pm session) rescheduled to 25 Aug (Sun) 10:30am

本團剛接獲康樂及文化事務署消息,由於荃灣區明天有大型群眾活動,明天荃灣大會堂須於明天下午2時正開始閉館,以確保場地使用者的安全。原定於2019年8月25日 (星期日) 下午3時舉行的原創合家歡音樂劇《揹着希望數星星》演出將提前至早上10時30分開場。持2019年8月25日 (星期日)下午3時門票之觀眾,可選擇以下安排:

1. 保留完整門票進場觀賞2019年8月25日(星期日) 早上10時30分之場次,位置將不會有任何更改

2. 如需退票,請保留完整門票,聯絡我們登記 或 到以下網址下載退票申請表格


如有查詢,請致電9458 7452/ 5517 8511 聯絡本團。不便之處,敬請原諒。


2019年8月24日 (18:20)

The Hong Kong Children's Musical Theatre has just been informed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department that Tsuen Wan Town Hall will be closed on 25 August, 2019 starting from 2pm in light of possible mass gathering in Tsuen Wan District so as to ensure safety of the venue user.

“Under the Stars, We Dream” the Musical, that originally scheduled on 25.8.2019 (Sunday) at 3pm in the Auditorium, Tsuen Wan Town Hall is now rescheduled to 25.8.2019 (Sunday) 10:30am. Audience with original ticket intact may have one of the following options:

1. Present their original ticket intact for admission at 25.8.2019 (Sunday) 10:30am. Seat number will not be changed.

2. For ticket refund, please keep original ticket intact and contact us for registration. You may download the registration form at https://bit.ly/2ZtaMBr

We will refund within 45 days after receiving your tickets.

For enquiries, please contact us at 9458 7452 /5517 8511. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The Hong Kong Children’s Musical Theatre Limited

24 August, 2019 (18:20)